Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management


The Assumption College of Davao’s Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism (BSHM) program produces globally competitive graduates who are up to date with the latest trends. The program aspires to produce graduates who are nationalists, pro-poor, and who are always grounded in the Assumption spirit of simplicity, hope, and joy, among other characteristics. A supplementary goal of the program was to meet the demand for tourism and hospitality workers both within and outside of the Philippines. Moreover, the program incorporates dynamic changes and strategic developments into its curriculum, and it has included Halal awareness in order to make sure inclusivity for all religious beliefs and practices.


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HM Festival 2022
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  • Demonstrate knowledge of the tourism and hospitality industry.
  • Interpret and apply relevant laws related to the tourism industry.
  • Observe and perform risk mitigation.
  • Utilize information technology applications for tourism and hospitality.
  • Manage and market a service-oriented business organization.
  • Demonstrate administrative and managerial skills in a service-oriented business organization formation technology applications for tourism and hospitality.
  • Prepare and monitor industry-specific financial transactions and reports.
  • Perform human capital development functions of a tourism-oriented organization.
  • Utilize various communication channels proficiently in dealing with guests and colleagues.
  • Produce food products and services complying with enterprise standards.
  • Apply management skills in F & B service and operations.
  • Perform and provide full guest cycle services for front office.
  • Perform and maintain various housekeeping services for guest and facility operators.
  • Plan and implement a risk management program to provide a safe and secure workplace.
  • Provide food and beverage service and manage the operation seamlessly based on industry standards.
  • Manifest compassion and service to the poor through responding to social issues.
  • Spend time on personal prayer and reflection. 
  • Promote economic growth and development.
  • Establish relevant linkages and partnership.
  • Apply sustainable practices in the hospitality and tourism industry.
  • Conduct research that may address the issues and concerns in the hospitality and tourism education and/or industry.