The Assumption College of Davao Learning Resource Center Unit consists of the following areas: Elementary, Junior High School, Senior High School, and College Libraries. The libraries exist not with distinct objectives from that of the whole Assumption College of Davao. The libraries therefore commit itself towards supporting the school achieve its vision, mission, goals—to develop learners and students into a whole and integrated persons who are committed to take part effectively in the transformation and development of the society. To realize this, the libraries equip them with basic knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes needed to meet life situation for continuing education, and services to others. It will also provide materials/resources that will help develop learners’ and students’ ability to self-expression, critical and scientific thinking, value judgments, and decision-making.
           As the school strives to foster nationalism and inculcates in the learners’ and students’ pride of their Filipino identity, the libraries will provide materials to this end with the hope that these resources will awaken their awareness of the prevailing conditions of the Philippines and cultivate social responsibility and solidarity with others especially with the poor and marginalize sectors.
           The Learning Resource Center, as it shares with the mission of the Catholic church, particularly for total and integral evangelization and making the church of the poor, would also include in its collection materials, both print and non-print materials, that promote responsibility to contribute in realizing the church of the poor, promote the spirit of joy, simplicity, freedom, and love.

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