ACD Student Research Presentation 2024

The Research and Publication Office of Assumption College of Davao organized its first institutional Student Research Presentation on June 6, 2024. The event took place from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at AVR1, located on the ground floor of the Queen of Peace building. Ten groups presented their research: five from the senior high school department and five from the college department.

The presentations were as follows:

  1. Moral Foundations and Attitudes Towards LGBTQIA+ Individuals of Senior High School Students

Presenters: Precious Gem Balonquit and Jhanrey Allain Sepulveda
Department: Senior High School, HUMSS

  1. M³ + R Strategy: Examining and Improving the Analytical Skills of Grade 11 Senior High School Students

Presenter: Rheamie L. Aringo
Department: College, Teacher Education Program

  1. Persistence in Commitment and Learning Difficulty in Calculus Subject for All Aspiring Engineering Students

Presenters: Erika Amor B. Adlaon and Daniel B. Cui
Department: Senior High School STEM Group 1

  1. Sanitary and Hygienic Practices and Product Quality of Street Food Vendors in Agdao, Davao City

Presenters: Mica E. Eborda and Jin’x Elica B. Peñanueva
Department: College, BSHM Program

  1. Social Influence on Health Behavior and Junk Food Consumption of Senior High School Students

Presenters: Niamh Bueno and Alfonso Palicte
Department: Senior High School STEM Group 2


  1. Consumer Trust and Adoption of Mobile Payment Systems Among BSBA Students in Davao City

Presenters: Carylle Anne E. Bitco, Lesly Rose C. Estremos, and Carolyne Kate D. Guardarama
Department: College, BSBA Program

  1. Perceptions Towards Education and School Motivation of Senior High School Students

Presenters: Francine Marie T. Cabural and Diana Rose V. Rin
Department: Senior High School ABM

  1. Votivate: A Mobile Voting App for Students in Assumption College of Davao

Presenter: Joseph Mel Resty E. Denopol
Department: College, BSIT Program

  1. Motivations for Using AR (Augmented Reality) on Social Media and the Psychological Effects of Using Social Media

Presenters: Erica Eirreanne M. Salise and Khenjie R. Patino
Department: Senior High School ICTC

  1. Revisiting the Implementation of Republic Act 10754: Examining the Challenges, Coping, and Insights of Persons with Physical Disabilities’ Access to Benefits

Presenters: Carmeffel Rose O. Calalin, Mishael Ann L. Ibrahim, and Larry C. Toralde, Jr.
Department: College, BSSW Program

Furthermore, this institutional Student Research Presentation marked a significant milestone in fostering academic excellence and research culture among students. Each research project underscored the critical role of education in shaping informed, empathetic, and proactive citizens. This event not only celebrated student achievements but also highlighted the importance of continuous inquiry and intellectual growth, setting a precedent for future academic endeavors at the institution. The commitment and enthusiasm demonstrated by these young researchers inspire a future where curiosity and knowledge drive positive change in the community and beyond.