Assumption College of Davao Hosts Successful Symposium on the

Interdisciplinary of Social Work and Public Health”

"Assumption College of Davao Hosts Successful Symposium on the Interdisciplinary of Social Work and Public Health"

Assumption College of Davao, Center for Transformative Social Work Education, in partnership with Family Care and Community Development Initiatives (FCDDI), successfully organized a symposium on March 2, 2023, in celebration of World Social Work Day 2023. The event titled “Respecting Diversity Through Joint Social Action” took place at the ACD Auditorium and focused on the intersection of social work and public health.

The symposium aimed to bring together social work students to understand the connection between social work and public health in addressing various issues affecting the health and well-being of individuals and communities. The event received an overwhelming response from attendees, who actively participated in discussions and gained insights from the esteemed panel of speakers.

The speakers for the symposium included Dr. Danielle A. Walker, Miguel Abascal, Dasha Alexander, and Isabelle Unger, who are all from Biola University, California, USA. They inspired and ignited the spirit of compassion in future social workers. They encouraged attendees to imbibe an attitude of gratitude towards their profession and their role in creating a positive impact in society.

The event was initiated by FCCDI Executive Director, Ma’am Cha Gambe, and Program Dean, Ma’am Meriam Estrada, together with JSWAP-ACD officers, who expressed their gratitude towards the speakers and attendees for their overwhelming support and active participation in the symposium.

The organizers hope that the lessons imparted by the speakers will remain in the hearts of the attendees and will manifest through their actions. The successful event has highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration between social work and public health in addressing complex issues and creating a positive impact on society.