BED’s January Christmas Get-Together: A Heartwarming Resilience

The Basic Education Department (BED) at Assumption College of Davao defied tradition by holding its Christmas Get-Together on January 12, 2024, a day after the 2nd Quarter examinations. Originally planned for December 20, 2023, the event was rescheduled due to class cancellations caused by unforeseen earthquakes.

Despite the unconventional timing, the celebration wasn’t just about marking the birth of Christ; it was a reminder that the spirit of Christmas should endure beyond a specific date. The community gathered, fostering an atmosphere of resilience and unity, turning challenges into joyous opportunities.

As Christmas carols filled the air and well-wishes for the year ahead were exchanged, the January Christmas Get-Together left an indelible mark. It proved that joy could be found amidst challenges and that the spirit of Christmas could be carried in our hearts daily.

By Carlo P. Abellana, Student Activity Coordinator