Officers in Building! Inclusivity, Unity, and Honesty: SINAGTALA Leadership Training and Team Building Activity

The elementary and junior high school SINAGTALA officers embarked on a new challenge in proving their inclusivity, unity, and honesty in the leadership training and team-building activity held at the Villa Nilda Garden Resort, Toril, Davao City, on October 19, 2023.

About 20 officers from SINAGTALA participated in the training with their moderator, Mr. Carlo P. Abellana, and the resource speaker of the event, Mr. Joselito “Sir Ash” A. Lagon Jr., the former KASAMA President in 2018. With the guidance of Sir Ash, they learned the meaning of being an assumptionist leader.

Together, the SINAGTALA officers engaged in an activity that focused on preventing the balls from falling to the ground by using sheets of paper until they reached their destination. The balls represented the three core values of the SINAGTALA: inclusivity, unity, and honesty. This activity tested their teamwork and ability to find problems and their solutions. After the splendid time with Sir Ash, the SINAGTALA officers played volleyball, card games, and pool activities that assessed their teamwork.

During their leadership development and team-building exercises, the SINAGTALA officers had a terrific time. “It was very fun, and I’m glad I could participate. I learned much about what it means to lead and how to do it effectively.” Prince Norman Salvidar, the JHS SINAGTALA Vice President, shared.

The event concluded with every officer learning that there is no 𝐈 in unity alone, but there is 𝐔 and 𝐈.

By Kehlin Daphnie Galano, JHS SINAGTALA President