Reflections from the PTA President: Embracing the Beauty of Family at CAMPAMILYA 2023

I’m grateful for today’s grace-filled day.

Opened on Saturday afternoon at ACD Gym, our CAMPAMILYA 2023 gathered about 700 pre-registered participants from the families of Elementary and Junior High School. The simple dynamics of Biodanza taught families creative processes of dialogue, healing, and walking together as a family.

Parents were taught playful parenting by letting go of perfectionism, embracing mistakes, learning from their children, and having fun.

Today’s celebration of the Eucharist reaffirmed God’s love for everyone when He called each of us beloved. Parents were challenged to know their children’s being—their authenticity and essence.

Today’s gospel reminded us to give what is rightfully due to our neighbor. Our proximate neighbors are our family, loved ones, and those we contact daily, yet even strangers are our neighbors. Life is a celebration, so let’s celebrate it more often. Let’s celebrate life every day. The beautiful message of CAMPAMILYA 2023, as we have this first-ever family formation, resounded in the cycle of living, loving, and forgiving.

By Maricel B. Banluta, PTA President