Startup Mentality: Inspiring Young Techie Minds to Go Green

In an effort to nurture budding technopreneurs, the BSIT Program of the Assumption College of Davao launched the Startup Seminar Series on March 12–14, 2024, at AVR 1, with the theme “Startup Mentality: Inspiring Young Techie Minds to Go Green.” The seminar series was designed to elevate the startup knowledge and skills of students and propel their technopreneurial journey to new heights, underpinning the vital role of innovation in environmental preservation.

In addition, this productive event was initiated in collaboration with DICT XI, UPGRADE Innolab Inc., and IDEAS Davao. The seminar series benefited the students from the BSIT Program and some from the senior high school TVL track and covered a wide range of topics crucial to kickstarting the students’ groundbreaking ideas. These include ideation and incorporating ‘green’ elements into their innovative concepts, a lean business model canvas as their blueprint to success, and crafting a compelling one-sentence elevator pitch.

Furthermore, this initiative not only equips students with essential skills but also instills a sense of responsibility toward sustainable innovation. Through workshops covering ideation, lean business models, and effective pitching, the seminar series empowers young minds not only to envision but also to execute their green-tech ideas. As these students embark on their technopreneurial ventures, they carry with them not just knowledge but also a commitment to leverage innovation for the betterment of the environment.

Written by Rosy Biala, MIT
BSIT, Program Head