The Station of the Cross: A Lenten Journey at Assumption College of Davao

As the Lenten season unfolds, Assumption College of Davao once again embraces the spiritual journey of the Stations of the Cross on February 20, 2024. This profound and poignant tradition reflects on the final moments of Jesus Christ’s life. This spiritual exercise, the Way of the Cross, invites students, faculty, and staff to walk alongside Jesus on his path to Calvary, deepening their understanding of sacrifice, redemption, and faith.

The Stations of the Cross at Assumption College of Davao are not merely a series of devotions but a transformative experience that engages the senses, mind, and soul. The ACD gymnasium becomes a sacred space where each station is arranged, inviting participants to pause, reflect, and pray.

The journey begins with the first station, where Jesus is condemned to death and progresses through the fourteen stations, each depicting a specific event from Christ’s Passion. The traditional prayers, scripture readings, and reflections of each station guide participants through the sorrowful path Jesus walked on his way to the crucifixion.

The Stations of the Cross culminate in a profound moment of reflection and prayer, where many personnel and students in the community come together to commemorate Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice. As participants leave the gym, they carry a renewed sense of faith, a deeper understanding of Christ’s love, and a commitment to living out the values of compassion and service in their daily lives.

In conclusion, the Stations of the Cross at Assumption College of Davao are not just a religious ritual but a transformative journey that invites participants to walk alongside Jesus, reflect on his sacrifice, and be inspired to live lives of compassion, love, and service.

By Harold Gimeno, MAPM, Campus Ministry Officer