Unveiling Innovation: The BSIT Program’s Capstone Projects Public Presentation

Senior students in the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) culminate their academic journey with capstone projects, which serve as a testament to their technical prowess and problem-solving abilities in tackling real-world issues. These projects serve as a bridge from theoretical knowledge to practical application, encapsulating the essence of their learning experience.

On January 12, 2024, amidst anticipation and excitement, our BSIT senior students took the spotlight at AVR 1 to unveil their capstone projects. Far beyond the mere formality dictated by the CMO 25 Series of 2015, this event symbolized a jubilant celebration of their diligence, ingenuity, and promising futures as they prepare to venture into the dynamic realm of information technology.

In the presence of esteemed experts, including Mr. Rey Gonzales, MIT, MIM, Mr. Dennis B. Gajo, MIT, and Ms. Cheryl R. Amante, MIM, the students faced a rigorous examination of their projects. They fielded questions ranging from the challenges encountered during development to the intricacies of software methodologies employed, testing methodologies utilized, and the ultimate outcomes of their collaborative endeavors.

Among the showcased projects were notable innovations such as Votivate: A Voting App for the Students of ACD; Entrix: an RFID-based Entry and Exit Monitoring System of Junior High School, and Kasama Club Activities Attendance Monitoring System Through Biometrics.

After meticulous deliberation, the panel of experts bestowed the title of Best Capstone upon the Votivate App, recognizing its exceptional merit and impact. Additionally, Mr. Joseph Mel Resty E. Denopol earned the accolade of Best Presenter, showcasing not only his project’s technical prowess but also his adeptness in communicating its significance and functionality.

As this momentous event came to an end, it served as a poignant reminder of the transformative journey these students had undertaken. Their capstone projects stand as beacons of innovation, heralding the dawn of their professional careers in the ever-evolving landscape of information technology.

Written by Rosy Biala, MIT
BSIT, Program Head