PRC-PRB for Social Work Conducts Inspection and Monitoring of Assumption College of Davao’s Social Work Program

Date: May 16, 2023

           Assumption College of Davao’s Bachelor of Science in Social Work Program underwent a thorough inspection and monitoring process conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission – Professional Regulatory Board for Social Work, represented by Dr. Ely B. Acosta and Dr. Fe J. Sinsona on May 16, 2023. This visit aimed to assess the program’s adherence to guidelines and regulatory policies while identifying areas for improvement in accordance with Commission / PRC Resolution No. 1471, “Revised Guidelines on the Conduct of Inspection and Monitoring of Educational Institutions and Establishments dated December 29, 2021.

           During the visit, Social Work Program Dean, Meriam D. Estrada, RSW, MSW, along with College Department Head, Dr. Judith N. Ambalong, and the Director for Academic Affairs, Dr. Giovanni A. Montejo, warmly welcomed the PRC team. A short program followed presenting a video on ACD herstory, including that of the Center for Transformative Social Work Education. The inspection team diligently observed the program’s operations and facilities, identifying deficiencies and acknowledging its notable strengths. Their recommendations were highly anticipated, as they offered insights into enhancing student services and ensuring compliance with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and National Association for Social Work Education, Inc. (NASWEI) standards.

           The visit was a momentous occasion for the Social Work Program of Assumption College of Davao. Recognizing the significance of the inspection, the faculty and staff eagerly embraced the opportunity to learn and grow, reaffirming their commitment to providing quality transformative social work education and professional development to their students.

           ACD President, Sr. Concepcion P. Gasang, m.a., EdD., thanked the PRC Team for their most valuable feedback. This monitoring process is a crucial milestone for Assumption College of Davao’s Social Work Program, as it coincidentally occurred in the program’s 12th year after its founding, while ACD will be celebrating its 65th foundation anniversary this August 2023. Indeed, it reinforces the institution’s dedication to continuous improvement and further expansion of its reach to provide quality, Catholic transformative education. By actively seeking feedback and implementing necessary changes, the program aims to create a more vibrant learning environment, facilitative of producing empowered and highly skilled future social work professionals.

           The faculty and students of Assumption College of Davao’s Social Work Program are now motivated to build on the valuable recommendations provided by the PRC team. Through their collective efforts, they aspire to work relentlessly in pursuing the program’s reputation as a center for excellence in social work education in the near future.

          As Assumption College of Davao continues its journey towards new evangelization, academic expansion, and international solidarity while strengthening its commitment to the development of Mindanao sectors of the Indigenous People and Moro, it remains faithful in its social orientation and principles of transformative education, honing its graduates to become nurturing compassionate and competent social work professionals who will make a positive impact on society.