September 2023 Licensure Examination for Social Workers

Congratulations to the outstanding Social Work Students of Assumption College of Davao on your exceptional success in the September 2023 Licensure Examination for Social Workers! The entire ACD community is beaming with pride at your remarkable achievement.

Not only did you excel individually, but your collective efforts were also reflected in the school’s impressive passing rate of 91.30% (21/23) success rate for first-time takers. Additionally, the program has earned an outstanding overall school rating of 84% (21/25).

Congratulations also to the Social Work Program family! Your remarkable dedication to molding our students is truly commendable. Your passion for guiding and nurturing them has led to this well-deserved success. Keep up the great work, and may your continued commitment inspire even greater achievements in the future.

Out of 6,833 takers, a total of 3,878 individuals successfully passed the examination, representing a 56.75% national passing rate.